Who We Are

The Texas Safety Network (TSN) is an Austin-based educational forum and informational exchange bringing Texans together to discuss key alcohol-related issues and promote alcohol responsibility.

Our Sponsorship

Sponsored by the Licensed Beverage Distributors, a trade association representing the Texas-based wholesalers Glazer’s Distributors and Ambiente Wine Importing, Inc., TSN draws on the collective resources of the industry, educators, parents, law enforcement, regulators and community organizations to provide valuable information about issues, programs and activities around the state and to help reduce underage drinking through educational programs and media events.

Glazer’s Distributors and Ambiente are Texas-based, licensed distributors who value the health and safety of the communities in which their employees work and live. Due to the success of TSN, Glazer’s Distributors has extended the program to 10 other states in which they do business through the multi-state initiative called the Alcohol Safety Network.

Our Efforts

Through our Web site, free e-mail newsletter, action alerts and outreach activities to people and organizations across the state, TSN seeks to notify committed Texans about important events, activities and any threats to alcohol safeguards.